Beijing truck fire detonated gas tank caused 2 people were injured in their own medical treatment –

Beijing truck fire gas tank detonated injured 2 people injured by medical – Sohu news site map Beijing morning news site news (reporter Zhang Jingya) yesterday at 12 am, Beijing Shunyi District houshayu Tiejiangying village shipped a gas tank truck, fire to the user when inflated, and ignited a gas tank car explosion. Accident caused two men were slightly injured. Later, the two men on their own medical treatment, there is no harm. At present, the accident is still under further processing. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing morning news reporters rushed to the scene, at Tiejiangying Village intersection is closed to traffic accidents, in the road to pull there cordon, there are a number of police and security guard, prohibited personnel. A large number of villagers in the vicinity of onlookers. Reporters saw the fire has been extinguished, more than wearing protective clothing firefighters are cleaning up the scene. You can see the van, the fire has burned half shell. The body was badly damaged, the truck sides and back baffle was blown up, a large number of car parts scattered on the ground. The cab car was full of dark. Reporters saw in the car next to the ground stacked with nearly 20 meters of gas tank about 1 meters, there are about 1.5 meters tall gas tank, were burned black, the ground is full of water mark. Witnesses Ma told reporters that the incident has been blown up the truck into the two paragraph, the car’s gas tank has been blown up the sky. He said, when the gas tank to send personnel to the merchant in the street filled with gas, gas tank suddenly caught fire and ignited the van next. "I heard ‘Bang’ bang, a gas tank exploded. Scared me to run behind the wall. Soon, it began to fire, the van’s front and body were blown apart". According to another witness said, a small truck caught fire, the driver saw smoke billowing down from the car, the body behind the clothes are on fire, can see the blood. "The driver must have been injured, and a nearby man was injured, but I don’t know what he was doing." Witnesses said that although some people tried to fight the fire, but because the fire is too large, failed. Soon, fire, emergency, police and other relevant departments rushed to the scene. Then, the gas repair personnel arrived at the scene investigation, at 4 pm, on-site disposal of the large crane truck crane to damage to the car (see photo), then leave the incident. More than sanitation workers to clean up the scene. Affected by the accident, Beijing Shen road, near the north side of the blacksmith camp caused serious congestion, passing vehicles slow. According to the scene is responsible for the rescue of firefighters said at 12:17 after receiving the alarm, quickly dispatched a number of fire engines rushed to the scene disposal, the accident caused a total of two people were injured in hospital, the specific situation is still under investigation. Reporters from the emergency department was informed that the injured men were minor burns are not serious, have their own medical treatment. Zhang Jingya photo相关的主题文章:

The new Xisha will only accelerate the decline of Chinese won’t let him.

The new Xisha will only accelerate the decline of Chinese won’t let him mess by being driven American hegemonic thinking, brush out a sense of presence in the Asia Pacific region. Making trouble, stir up enmity will only accelerate the decline of international influence in October 21st, the U.S. Navy destroyer Decatur "entered the territorial waters of Xisha China. The Chinese government has expressed its firm opposition to the US venture and has taken a series of effective countermeasures. As early as May 1996, the Chinese government announced the "Declaration on the baselines of the territorial sea," clearly announced the baseline of the territorial waters of Paracel Islands. According to the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China territorial sea and the contiguous zone law" and relevant international law, foreign warships into the territorial waters must be approved by the government China Chinese. The United States warships without the approval of the Chinese side without authorization into the Chinese territorial waters, a serious violation of Chinese sovereignty and security interests, a serious violation of Chinese related laws and international law, undermine the waters of peace, security and good order. The United States to "freedom of navigation" in the name of infringement provocation coastal state sovereignty and security and maritime rights and interests, once again exposed the negative energy of the United States to return to Asia strategy, highlighting the United States in the South China Sea issue "troublemakers" role. The United States called the cruise, when President Duthel Te’s visit to China, Philippines, China and the United States to restore a comprehensive relationship between the two countries signed a series of cooperation agreements. The new momentum in the Chinese with relevant countries to improve relations, and properly solve the South China Sea issue of encouraging the occasion, the United States sent warships to Chinese territorial waters to pick something, prove that the United States for a long time in the South China Sea issue deliberately create and render the destructive effect of tension. This clearly shows that the United States can not see the sea calmed down, can not tolerate the situation in the region is stable, if not who help it here to Washington will flustered yourself out to make trouble. "China has a good relationship with us, and the United States is a bit anxious." Duthel Te said in a speech in China, this sentence will help people see the complex mentality behind the u.s.. To stir up trouble as a means to show his arrogance, is depressed in the heart of anger, but also the inertia of hegemony. Don’t know whether he has been aware of the United States, it is the decline in the U.S. hegemony inertial acceleration has international influence, let us become more and more difficult to provide positive energy public products. No matter whether Washington has had the courage to admit that tell lies tensions, and set up a camp to let himself comfortably when the time has passed. No one wants to weaken the influence of the United States in the Asia Pacific region, the problem is that this influence can only be actively involved in the promotion of regional and common development. The old hegemonic thinking is incompatible with the common aspiration of regional countries for peace, cooperation and development. Everyone knows, the United States played for the so-called rule of law under the banner of freedom of navigation but is palpable lies it pursues, but it is absolutely safe to maintain their own freedom". What is the result of its coveted absolute security, the United States will not remember. America has paid a heavy price for its own arrogance and ignorance. Knowing that it can not be, the result is naturally hit the South wall. The times, only the wall country, most have a little hard, did not talk what soft power.相关的主题文章:

Zou Zijing was elected mayor of Sichuan City, Guangyuan Province, was elected director of the Munici 4000dy

Zou Zijing was elected to the Sichuan Province, Guangyuan city mayor Deng Guangzhi was elected director of Municipal People’s Congress – Beijing, Sichuan online news (reporter Cheng Wenwen) the morning of September 26th, the seventh Guangyuan Municipal People’s Congress held the first session of the third plenary meeting, Deng Guangzhi was elected director of the Guangyuan Municipal People’s Congress seven; Zhao Aiwu, Gou Yingming, Tang Xiaoping, Tian Tian, Chinese honesty is the deputy director of the Guangyuan Municipal People’s Congress seven; Zou Zijing as mayor of Guangyuan Municipal People’s government; Liu Shaomin, Zhao Wenjiao, Ye Changchun, Hu Guomin, Yang Hao, Chen Zhengyong, Wu Guihua, vice mayor of Guangyuan Municipal People’s government; Deng Qingguo as president of the Guangyuan City Intermediate People’s court; Chen Qihong of Guangyuan City People’s procuratorate. The newly elected Municipal People’s procuratorate according to the relevant laws and regulations submitted to the provincial people’s Congress approved. Zou Zijing Zou Zijing resume Zou Zijing, male, Han nationality, Hebei Wen’an people, born in September 1968, postgraduate degree, Hebei University Graduate School of political science and law of constitutional law, administrative law and master of law in August 1991, to participate in the work, in November 1994 to join the Communist Party of Chinese. 1987.09-1991.08 Zhongnan University of Economics political and administrative management professional learning 1991.08-1993.12 in Hebei Province, west of Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau police office (Information Research Office) staff (during the period: in Changan branch of the East Street police station training year) 1993.12-1996.01 Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau Office of long branch investigation (during the period: 1995.05-1996.01 seconded to the Hebei provincial Party Committee Organization Department). 1998.01-2000.10 1996.01-1998.01 Department of Hebei provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the Hebei Provincial CPC Committee cadres Research Office Director (during the period: 1999.10-2000.10 seconded the Research Office of the Ministry of group < Policy Bureau > help department laboratory work) 2000.10-2001.02 (Policy Bureau) Laboratory of 2001.02-2002.01 Research Organization Department cadres (regulations regulating Bureau) Laboratory of 2002.01-2004.12 research group at zhengkeji Secretary (bureau of policies and regulations of the Department of 2004.12-2006.06 room) deputy director of research (Policy Bureau) Laboratory of 2006.06-2010.05 group director of research department (bureau of policies and Regulations Department Director (published) and administrative law research professional students 2004.09-2007.06 Hebei University constitution) 2010.05-2010.06 CCCCP Research Laboratory (Policy Bureau) deputy inspector, director of the Department of publication at the research department of 2010.06-2012.10 group room (Policy Bureau) deputy inspector, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee of Guangyuan 2016 2012.10-2016.03相关的主题文章:

Good worry! Premature 1 years old is very thin how to do Shu – maternal parenting guru Sohu (video) sweets parade

Good worry! Premature 1 years old is very thin how to do? Shu – Sohu maternal parenting guru lead: ask parents to, after one year, some smaller infants still need to go to the hospital inspection regularly? Let’s look at the newborn Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center professor Chen Yunbin how to say it. Experts: Chen Yunbin, Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, director of Neonatology physicians at children, severe neonatal rescue and treatment, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric respiratory and digestive system diseases. Premature 1 years old is very thin how to do? The "master of parenting parenting guru small question: after one year, some smaller infants still need to go to the hospital inspection regularly? Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center professor Chen Yunbin: newborn to one year of age, term and preterm infants should be the same, but the clinical development and behavior of some children will still be relatively poor, like this one of our children can also regularly to the Department of health care or rehabilitation assessment, especially in terms of nutrition, nutrition in premature infants many parents tend to feed them a high calorie and high protein, children grow particularly fast, but now many premature infants must pay attention to the problem of excessive growth, because after the stage was too quick and not good, if less than 1 years old are maintained in the growth curve, to one year of age are not too many the child is thin or tangled problems are more likely to get sick. The emphasis here is that the longer breastfeeding, the better the child’s nutritional status. If you feel that breast milk protein is low, and now there is breast milk additives, a kilogram of body weight can eat up to 90-100 ml of milk added, heat and protein will increase. If the mother has the condition of premature baby, it is best to feed a year later, at least 6 months later, because there are a lot of breast milk active substances, may be helpful for the repair of the brain. So still remind everyone to insist on breastfeeding! This is the original master [parenting produced, reproduced please indicate the source] parenting guru, Guangdong province eugenics Association recommended infant collection platform, doctors, hospital of domestic well-known university psychology experts in early childhood education, maternal and child industry elite, for the user in the stage of pregnancy, provide find experts, ask the experts, and other experts see convenient services, allowing users to quickly access professional, scientific, a targeted guidance, make parenting easier! WeChat to pay attention to parenting master (yuerweike) bar!相关的主题文章:

The low power consumption of this solar backpack can be charged at any time (video)

To low power available to the solar battery pack charging equipment Tencent digital news (compiled: Human) today, digital endurance equipment has become one of the most concern, many digital control are the most intolerable is the hand of intelligent equipment electricity shortage. How can I really hope that you can always move the block back on the body. Now, this wish can be realized. The day before, a dedicated electronic product development, called the BirkSun team developed a solar charger backpack, in addition to receiving the most basic function, built-in solar panels, can the body for digital devices whenever and wherever possible charging, ensure the equipment of power grid at hand. California, the United States after a week to try the back of the user, the biggest feeling is: why not all backpacks can charge! The BirkSun designed a total of two different styles, respectively, backpack and oblique cross bag. In the face of outward BirkSun backpack are equipped with solar panels, can be recharged whenever and wherever possible. The battery board is equipped with a USB interface, you can charge for almost all of the smart devices, so you can completely bid farewell to the low power this curse. Speaking of this, you might be worried that the BirkSun backpack is going to sink. The whole weight of the BirkSun is only 1.13kg, and not much difference between ordinary backpack. In order to reduce the weight of the backpack, BirkSun backpack using monocrystalline silicon solar panels. At the same time, the backpack uses a high-quality fabric hand-made, built in the wool texture of the computer protective sleeve, notebook computers, digital cameras, mobile phones and other mobile devices can be properly placed. Even if there is no solar blessing, as an ordinary digital package is more than sufficient. If the sun is shining, there is no problem with BirkSun on the back. Even if it is a mild cloudy, BirkSun built-in solar panels can also use the weak sunlight, full of electricity for yourself, so that you no longer fear low power. Solar panel BirkSun built-in capacity backpack though not too big, but with a iPhone mobile phone is more than sufficient. Of course, if there is no sun in the day, BirkSun built-in solar panels can also be directly charged as an ordinary mobile power supply. BirkSun backpack priced at $249 (about 1661 yuan), there are six different colors to choose from, has been mass production market, like do not miss oh. Video: [multifunctional backpack source intelligence community encyclopedia] Lifepack built-in solar cell and locks: thenextweb相关的主题文章: